Killzone 4: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Killzone 3 did a lot of stuff right, not least slapping us in the face with some absolutely stunning visuals. It's certainly one of the best looking games on the PS3 and that was only accentuated when you flicked over to 3D.

Its single-player campaign was backed up by a pretty strong multiplayer mode too and the whole package was given a bit more depth all-round. We got a wider look at Helghan, for example, and the new environments were welcomed with open arms, even if the overall colour palette was still pretty grey.

There are plenty of areas that Guerrilla can improve upon, however, when it comes to Killzone 4 and we've jotted just a few of them for your consideration.

Don't forget to give us your list of what you want to see in Killzone 4.

Killzone 3 is one of the best looking things on console. Some might even call it the best looking game on consoles although there is one particular new arrival bringing stiff competition...


Competition and score cards aside, we feel fairly confident when we say anyone with eyes would agree Killzone 3 is real purdy. But the world of video games is nothing if not progressive so you'll excuse us if we let our minds wonder towards making Killzone 4 even more of a graphical wonder.

We think the answer is destructible environments. There's nothing quite like seeing a building crumble at your own hands in a cloud of dust and debris to add some spectacle during a fire-fight.

Battlefield has made something of a name for itself through explosively responsive environments (among other things) and what we've seen from Battlefield 3 so far is looking incredibly impressive, especially when it comes to chunks of concrete zipping through the air.

Killzone developer Guerrilla is going to have to up its graphical game once more when its sci-fi FPS comes around again if it's going to accumulate the applause for its visuals alongside the likes of Battlefield 3. We'd like to see how the studio handles something as ambitious as destructable environments and it would add to the game's immersive quality as a pleasant bonus.

Hands up; who hates Rico? Yeah, we all hate Rico. In fact, our human comrades generally have never been the most likable bunch in Killzone and that's a bit of a problem.


Let's face it, the invasion of Helghan by the ISA is never made to feel like the most legitimate war in the galaxy and in Killzone 3 you're part of what's actually little more than a botch-job operation, put on the back-foot from the off and pretty much kept there for the duration. It's hardly heroic escapism as we'd wish.

And then there's the ISA as individuals who seem to be little more than meat-headed expendables, constantly arguing with orders and being a bit angry - none more than Rico, whose constant effing and blinding leave our ears hurt and our mothers appalled. Not that their attitude matters too much since we spent a lot of our time watching most of our 'friends' getting slaughtered at every opportunity.

Maybe it's to do with the quality of the voice-acting more than anything. As right-wing and irritable as Helghast head-honchos Admiral Orlock and Chairman Stahl were, the acting chops of Ray Winstone and Malcom McDowell gave them a quality and presence that was compelling and demanded respect.

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