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EA: We haven't forgotten about Road Rash, Magic Carpet

Games label boss reassures fans that IP can still "come back"

EA has told CVG that it is "very cognisant" of the opportunities presented by its back catalogue of classic IP, including Road Rash, Burnout and Bullfrog franchises such as Populous and Magic Carpet.

Rumours have long existed that the likes of Road Rash and Bullfrog's Syndicate have been remade on the publisher's watch, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

EA has ploughed a rich furrow of new IP in the last few years, internally producing the likes of Dead Space, Dragon Age, Mirror's Edge and Army Of Two. Meanwhile, it has unleashed the likes of Left 4 Dead, Crysis and the upcoming Shadows Of The Damned via its EA Partners programme.


When we asked EA Games boss Frank Gibeau if EA had turned its back on its vault of decades-old IP, he replied:

"Absolutely not. I worked on Desert Strike and Road Rash back in the day on Sega Genesis so trust me I'm familiar with the IP history."

On the potential of remakes, he added: "When looking at a new bet, a new investment to make we always look at whether we should create a new IP, bring one back or have something in active growth right now that we can double down on.

"So we constantly look at ways to grow the recent category of titles like Burnout, Need for Speed, Road Rash are constantly things we think about. It's the same thing with the old Bullfrog IPs like Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Powermonger, Magic Carpet, I can go on. So we do look at that stuff and are very cognisant of our past.

"The key thing for us is, if we do bring [any of those] back, the game has got to be good. I don't know about you but when I look back at GoldenEye, I think of it as this amazing game and the you go and play it and are like, 'Oh. Really?'. From our perspective we have to manage that element which makes things look nicer in the rear view mirror compared to what you have to do now in the modern day.

"Production values and game mechanics are very different than what you see on some of those IPs but trust me, it's a part of the asset of our company to have 25 years of IP and you'll see them come back in different ways at different times."

EA and Crytek's Crysis 2 is on sale this week for 360, PS3 and PC. Check out our review through here.