First Rift patch announced

New conflicts and rewards to be added to MMO

Trion Worlds has announced the first content patch for MMO Rift.

The new patch will arrive on March 30 and promises that players "will witness the true power of Regulos the Destroyer, and the world of RIFT will never be the same." Oo-eer.


Updates start seeping in from next Wednesday though. Here's what you can expect:

Unprecedented Invasions & Exclusive Rewards
Starting next Wednesday, Alsbeth the Discordant will lead massive invasions across every zone in Telara, raising legions of liches, ettins, and gravemakers to battle Ascended. Over the course of about a week, participating players of any level fighting these invaders can earn hundreds of new items including exclusive rewards, such as a Spectral Horse and a transmogrifying disguise that turns Ascended into the rotting undead. But be warned: once the rifts are sealed, these items are gone forever.

Raid Zone: River of Souls
If Ascended are successful in their efforts to drive back the invasions, they can journey to the "River of Souls" 20-man raid zone at the edge of the Plane of Death where Alsbeth the Discordant is reanimating the recently departed and recruiting them into Regulos' army. Guardian and Defiant heroes will have to wade through these decaying hordes to reach Alsbeth and make her account for her abhorrent crimes.

Rift recently suffered an account security exploit but it was fixed at the beginning of the week with the help of an industrious hacker.