Nintendo: 3DS sales could clear 200k in UK launch weekend

Platform holder preparing for its biggest ever UK launch

The Nintendo 3DS could clear 200,000 unit sales in its debut weekend in the UK - easily making the launch Nintendo's most successful in history.

Nintendo UK marketing manager James Honeywell told CVG ahead of tonight's 3DS launch that the handheld has already attracted over 140,000 pre-orders - suggesting it's well on course to beat Wii's 100,000 opening day record.


Asked what Nintendo's sales expectations are for the UK launch, Honeywell said: "That's still kind of a difficult figure to come out with. We know we have over 140,000 pre-orders.

"What's still difficult to anticipate is how many of those people will actually go out on Friday and Saturday and actually buy it, but that also has to be balanced with the amount of people that might go into a store and pick one up without having pre-ordered it.

"I think we're pretty safe in assuming that most people who pre-ordered will go out and get it in the first few days, and when you add on a few more who didn't pr-order... I think we can easily exceed that 140,000 and sell 150,000, 160,000, perhaps even as high as 200,000."

He added: "Just based on the 140,000, that would already give us our biggest launch. Previously on Wii, we did just over 100,000 and on DSi we did around 90,000."

Earlier this month Nintendo UK confirmed that the 3DS has broken its all-time pre-order record.

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