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Nintendo UK confident 3DS stock won't run dry

Huge demand expected for console

Nintendo isn't anticipating 3DS stock shortages in the UK, despite rocketing demand for the system.

The company has told CVG that it has shipped more units of 3DS into the UK for launch than it has with any other previous console.

"No, we don't foresee [stock shortages] at this time," UK marketing manager James Honeywell told CVG.

"Obviously if people buy loads over the next few weeks, perhaps we might experience pockets where there aren't any, but we've brought in more units of the Nintendo 3DS than we have done with any other console.


"There's easily enough to do 140,000 [the amount pre-ordered] and way more, so if there are any people out there worried I think they'll actually be pleasantly surprised and they'll be able to get one."

Honeywell reassured consumers that recent natural disasters in Japan haven't had a big impact on 3DS manufacturing or supply chains.

"Nintendo's headquarters is based in Kyoto, which is quite some distance from the epicentre of the quake, so none of our facilities in Japan were damaged or affected," he added.

"Our hardware is actually made in China. The developers and guys in research and development are in Japan but units aren't made there. I'm sure we've got lots of people in Japan creating components for it but right now we're not seeing any issues in hardware production. We're really confident it shouldn't have any adverse effects."

Honeywell also told us 3DS looks close to breaking the company's UK hardware launch record.