Nintendo 3DS review scores: ONM's verdicts

Super Street Fighter IV is the best Nintendo 3DS launch game, says mag

Super Street Fighter IV 3D is the best Nintendo 3DS launch game according to Official Nintendo Magazine.

The magazine's website has posted six Nintendo 3DS UK launch game reviews and Street Fighter comes out on top with a 91% review score.


ONM said Street Fighter "packs in all the features of the HD console versions and even adds a few of its own." That was enough to make it the "best fighting game on a handheld console."

Ridge Racer 3D was the next highest scoring game but a lack on online features ensured that it didn't receive a 90% score.

As for Nintendo's first party games, Nintendogs + Cats received 84% and was praised for being the game that makes the most of the new console's features. However, it's not that different from the DS original.

According to ONM, Pilotwings Resort is enjoyable but too short.

Here is the full list of ONM's 3DS launch reviews. Asphalt, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Rayman, Super Monkey Ball and LEGO Stars Wars II: The Clone Wars reviews to come tomorrow...

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