3DS firmware update released (already)

Nintendo entices you with awesome OK Go video included

And it has begun. Nintendo has released the first of what we're certain will be many firmware updates for its new 3DS handheld, and it's not even out in the West yet.

To entice you into updating, Nintendo has packed a 3D video in with the download that'll appear on your 3DS after you apply the update. Nintendo US has confirmed that the video is the sweet 'White Knuckles' video from OK Go - who's impressive and quirky videos have proven a hit with the YouTube masses (check it out below).


It's unclear if UK 3DS users will get the same video. Let us know when you get yours in a couple of hours. Ta!

Nintendo says the update makes "improvements to overall system stability", applies a SpotPass upgrade "for receiving notifications and other data", and "enhances network connection functionality ... to allow communication with some wireless Internet access points that were previously unavailable".

3DS goes on sale in UK in two hours. Nintendo UK is confident supplies won't dry up despite rocketing demand.

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