3DS raw materials cost £61 - report

Nintendo sells on to UK retailers at £170.73, claims report

The raw materials required to build a 3DS console cost Nintendo $101 per unit, or around £61.76, according to a report.

The figure comes from David Carey, VP of technical intelligence for UBM TechInsights, who offered his "preliminary estimate" to Eurogamer for what it might be costing the Japanese games giant to piece together one of its new 3D wonders.


That's reportedly £9.17 more per unit than the raw materials of a DSi which released in 2009. Of course, it doesn't factor in Nintendo's many other costs - the 3DS has to be manufactured, packaged, shipped, marketed and countless other processes that will cost the firm big bucks.

However, EG also suggests, touting a "reliable retail source", that Nintendo sells each unit to UK retailers for £170.73 each.

The 3DS is officially on sale now in UK for £230. It goes on sale in US this Sunday for $250 (£155).

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[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]