Duke Nukem: Critical Mass still headed for DS

Presumed-dead Duke shooter apparently alive and kicking (ass)

Three years ago Apogee Software announced it was bringing a Duke Nukem game - then dubbed the Duke Nukem Trilogy - to the DS and PSP. Presumed dead after three years of silence, it turns out that game - or one part of it at least - is still coming.

Apogee has recently confirmed that despite confusion over licensing and all that malarkey, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass is on its way to DS. By the look of screens, it's a semi-3D, side-scrolling shooter.


According to Joystiq, the game will be released on April 8 in Europe, and in US some time in May.

That's the least of Duke fans' concerns right now though. The long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed AGAIN. No, we're not shitting you.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]