3DS midnight queuers 'a mix of hardcore and mainstream'

GAME calls handheld launch "brilliant for gaming"

Specialist retail giant GAME has hailed this morning's launch of the Nintendo 3DS as "brilliant for gaming".

Speaking following last night's London midnight launch festivities, GAME Group marketing director Anna-Marie Mason told CVG those queing through the night were a mixture of "hardcore gamers plus mass appeal".


"It's been a really good evening and there's been genuine excitement all day," she said. "People have been queuing from really early on this evening and it's turned into a really good event.

"You can see the mixture in the queue is what we expected; hardcore gamers plus mass appeal, so it's been a really good evening.

"We've been really, really impressed by how much people know about the device before they've even played it - they've really done their homework - and as soon as we let people through the doors to try demo units that's when the excitement started to build because it sounds really cheesy, but they genuinely didn't believe their eyes."

Mason claimed those who didn't turn out for the feverish launch events "missed a bit of a turning point in gaming tonight," though she sounds confident new customers will be able to pick up a machine this weekend.

"Get out this week and get one because what this machine is capable of doing is truly brilliant for gaming," she said.

"GAME will always give people a competitive price. If they are a Reward Card customer they're going to get additional points for their purchase which they can redeem at a later date. We know we give our customers a competitive deal."