Nintendo 3DS price war: Best Buy steps up

Retailer enters the ring with compelling package

Best Buy has entered the fray of the on-going Nintendo 3DS price-war with a bundle made up of two games, a 3DS case and the handheld itself.

The package comes at a price of £209.99, which isn't the cheapest price-tag attached to Nintendo's 3D wonder we've seen but, considering that includes Ridge Racer 3D and Pokemon Explorers of Time 2D, isn't too bad at all.


The lowest price we've seen to date comes from Tesco. The supermarket slaps a sweet £175 offer on the table, although you are required to buy a game for the handheld as well.

HMV sent out the Boast Brigade on Monday claiming that it offered the best Nintendo 3DS deal on the high-street as the handheld's official retailer.