Amazon falls behind on Nintendo 3DS deliveries

Customers voice their concerns, Amazon responds

[Update - Amazon comment added] held its own during the Nintendo 3DS pre-order price battle and attracted consumers with a very competitive offer, but it appears to have stumbled when it comes to making timely deliveries.


Amazon's site is filled with comments from customers complaining that their orders are stuck on the 'not yet dispatched' phase of the process, and the online retailer doesn't appear to be providing any support via its customer service department.

"My estimate is still 25th but still stuck on dispatching soon and I am not getting reply from customer service," reads one comment on a very lengthy thread.

Understandably, customers aren't happy and many are lamenting the fact they haven't received the handheld in time for today's launch, despite ordering well in advance.

Another customer said: "Mine still says dispatching soon which it has done since last night but still says for delivery on the 25th . Games are scheduled for delivery today but I have nothing to play them on .... Absolutely disgusted."

One more said: "I've sent a complaint - this is really not acceptable when I've changed my plans today specifically because I was waiting for a delivery, and now it turns out I could very easily walk round to the supermarket and pick up a bundle at a similar or better price. Nice that the order is in "dispatching soon" status so I can't cancel it. Very very unhappy."

CVG experienced the delivery problem first hand - our own order was stuck in despatch limbo until early this morning. Although the unit in question is now on the way, it's looking unlikely that we'll get our hands on it until early next week.

3DS was the most pre-ordered games console in Amazon's history.

Contacted about this report, the company told us: "Thousands of customers have already received their Nintendo 3DS console and we will continue to make deliveries throughout the day."

Nintendo UK manager David Yarnton believes 3DS overcomes all of the hurdles that have stopped 3D technology being adopted by the mass market to date.

[ SOURCE: Amazon ]