Chime - Does it hit all the right notes a second time?

Can Zoe Mode recreate the magic of the under appreciated original?

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The constantly evolving nature of the soundtrack and the score based puzzle-piece stacking gameplay combine to make a game that is able to accommodate different play styles. During our play session we switched between playing 'cleanly' by systematically placing pieces to keep multipliers high and erratically scattering blocks over the grid to force the music to change in strange new ways and it was rewarding in both cases.

On a visual level although Chime Super Deluxe still sports the same simple, reductive visual style the PS3 version has been given an overall candy-inspired aesthetic with puzzle pieces that have the translucent glaze of a Fox's mint and the vibrant colour of Jelly Babies.

Chime Super Deluxe also includes a local multiplayer not seen in the original XBLA and PC release and has its roots as a student project built on the XNA code for the first Chime. Co-operative multiplayer allows players to work together to build up coverage and complete grids while listening to the excellent soundtrack.


Competitive multiplayer, on the other hand, pits players in a tug-of-war battle for coverage. Players can build over each other's blocks to negate its value and free the space up to build on again. With support for a total of four players, playing against others can become manic fun and quickly heated when driven the more intense, higher tempo tracks.

Chime Super Deluxe is just a few days away from release and definitely a game worth keeping an eye on if you like the sound of some simple but deep puzzle mechanics, a trippy soundtrack and buckets of audio-visual charm.

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