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CEX buying Nintendo 3DS for £215

That's probably more than you paid for it

Second hand game, movie and tech retailer CEX is offering people who hand in their unopened Nintendo 3DS a cool £215 for the handheld.

To make use of the offer, the unit has to be unopened, but if you excitedly tore into the packaging, played it and haven't taken to it, you can still trade in the 3DS for £205.00. Not a bad return.


CEX currently lists the sale price for the Nintendo 3DS as £280.00, which is a little cheeky considering there haven't been any reports of stock shortages yet. It's available for under £200 at many online retailers.

Meanwhile, has has had some trouble delivering orders on time.

Nintendo's UK marketing manager James Honeywell has told CVG he isn't worried about competition from the iPad 2 and Xperia Play, and that he expects consumers to vote with their wallets in Nintendo's favour.