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MS promises to 'really deliver on Kinect' in 2011

Xbox is moving to a broader audience, says UK boss

The public will see Microsoft "really deliver" on Kinect this year, Microsoft UK's GM for sales and marketing, Neil Thompson has pledged.

Speaking to trade mag MCV, Thompson said the Xbox platform is moving to a broader audience - and publishers will soon flock to the Kinect platform seeking success.


"We're constantly looking at what we're doing as a platform," he said. "I think people are excited about Kinect, that's what we're focusing on and that's what you're going to see us really deliver on as we go through this calendar year, both in terms of what we're doing with that platform and the different types of gaming experiences that we're bringing to market."

According to the marketing boss, Microsoft's recent success at the BAFTA's proves it's going in the right direction.

"With Kinect Sports winning [the BAFTA for] Best Family Game, you could argue Xbox is moving to a broader audience in terms of its market appeal," he said.

"And as the install base grows, more publishers will seek success because the range of consumers we're attracting to the platform is becoming more diverse every day. I think people will see that success and love it."