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CVG: Comments of the week

Fun! Where? Over there...

Pretty people at the Nintendo 3DS launch, a sexy Serena Williams Top Spin ad and Geohot allegedly running away to South America; there was plenty to go at this week.

And go at it you did with your funny words that you string together to make funny sentences and, if we're lucky, funny paragraphs.

Here are the above:

Geohot hiding out in South America 'to dodge court' - Sony

Send in Dog the bounty hunter. And make sure it gets on TV.

zombiesinmyhead knows and respects the Dog.

I heard the weather over there is very Hotz this time of year.

waltyftm hits the pun button.

Bravo. It was better than my pun: I heard the weather over there is very George this time of year.

Actually we like yours more JD_Method, for different reasons.

Buttocks, leotards and grunting: The advert 2K doesn't want you to see

I had to check the date today to make sure it wasnt april 1st or maybe even 1997!!!!

I honestly thought this stuff had gone and that games could be sold based on their reputation or quality rather than how many half naked women can sit open legged on the A2 poster.

Dont get me wrong i have nothing against this form of advertising but as long as it's for the right reasons or the right products such as a leisure suit larry game or the latest LYNX advert to sell crap deodrant to 15 year olds trying pull, using this style for a tennis game is just dumb (funny) but dumb.

I'm sure i'm gonna get some flak on this post from people thinking i should lighten up but im in my late 30's and it's my generation that had to go through the stigma of being thought of as sad losers in their bedrooms looking at videogames posters of naked girls selling games and i found it insulting then, i remember a magazine called PLAYSTATION PLUS that started off great then about 2 years in turned into nothing more than a soft core porn mags (i'm sure NUTS etc copied their style)

The crazy thing here is that Topspin has been very well recieved by the review press so why they have gone in this direction is a serious mystery to me, again im not saying it's not funny whch it definately is i'm just saying every dumb marketing thing like this doesnt help our favourite hobby be taken seriously by those we want or in some cases need to bring into the fold.

The sexist part of me though would love to have watched that being filmed..............(shame on me) he he

Seriously Megatrons_Fury? After all that you're going to end with a message from "the sexist part" of you? You were doing so well.

Yeah.. have you seen half of the camera shots that go on in Womens Tennis?, this is an accurate depiction.

The difference is the slow-mo KMakawa, the slow-mo and the suggestive looks.

Awww, I thought I was the world's sexiest gamer! Next you'll be telling me that I'm not the most deluded gamer either, pah!

Actually DavidVM, Tamoor makes us call him King of Games, so.... Sorry, but yeah.

As much as I would 'love' to say I would 'hit' that I'm going to 'let' it pass.

These are puns razors edge, congrats, but they really are of the most basic kind.

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