New Portal 2 trailer emerges

It's in German, but comedy is the universal translator

Just over three short weeks to go now until Portal 2 emerges from Valve's top secret labs and we have to say we cannot wait to renew hostilities with the portal hopping action-puzzler.

To whet the ol' appetite even further, a brand new Portal 2 trailer has just emerged showing Portal 2's robots making with the funny, only problem is, it's in German.

Close Close

Still, comedy is the universal language and all that, and slapstick probably doesn't need too much interpreting. Still, if you desperately need a translation, we've found one for you (below) courtesy of if you really need to know what Cave Johnson's saying.

If you love your Portal 2 then why not head on over to our chums at Games Radar.

They've got a special Portal 2 launch centre, with a bunch of new movies, info and content - they'll be running fresh goodies all week to feed your wildest Portal 2 cravings.

In the meantime, look at the funny robots, tee hee.

"Cave Johnson here. Fact is, the key to succesful team-work is reliance. Our studies show, you can't trust humans. The solution: Robots! Then, the developers get fired and better robots are being built. Following, the robots go through some reliance-tests to get a basis of respect to each other. Strenghtened through the simulated bonds of artificial friendship. Inspiring... At the end, we test this reliability... BINGO! The robots worked together for 6 more seconds. Good work robots!"