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Nintendo 3DS launches with a bang in US

Glasses-free 3D dominates NYC's Union Square

Last night saw the US Nintendo 3DS launch go off with a bang in Best Buy's Union Square in New York City.

The Big Apple hosted hundreds of Nintendo fans, according to Nintendo of America's official Twitter account, along with the company president Reggie Fils-Aime.


The crowd stepped into an era of glasses-free 3D gaming by chucking a load of retro 3D paper and cellophane specs into the air.

The first US consumer to get his hands on the 3DS was devoted launch loiterer, 28-year-old Isaiah Triforce Johnson (kudos on the name) from Brooklyn.

ITJ (we're hoping it catches on) isn't just some passer by either, he's a professional gamer who clearly means business; according to the New York Post he had been waiting outside Best Buy since the Monday before in order to guarantee his position:

"Nintendo always makes great innovative systems and games," he told the New York Post "I want to be able to experience that innovation that Nintendo makes."

ITJ is so passionate in fact that he returned to the shop to maintain his pole position after being moved on by NYPD officers earlier in the week.

The US launch came two days after the 3DS landed in the UK, of course, when thousands of gamers across the country got their digits on the handheld.

An official UK launch event was held at London's Old Billingsgate in the lead-up to the portable's release, where BRIT award winner Plan B, rock band Hadouken and girl group Parade performed alongside live comedy from Russell Kane. Go and have a look at the snaps if you haven't already.

Japan received the 3DS first way back in February when gamers queued up at the Bic Camera electronics store in Yurakucho, Tokyo - even though initial 3DS stock sold out in a single day of pre-orders on January 20.

Early reports on the day suggested that even Japan's biggest retailers only had tiny amounts of stock to sell at launch.

[ SOURCE: Business Wire ]