Nintendo 3DS suffers 'black screen of death'

Black screen joins red ring and yellow light

The latest harrowing image to add to the gallery of game console-ending errors is the 'black screen of death' on the Nintendo 3DS.

The dark error screen appears with ghost white text warning the player that "An error has occurred", and directing them to hold down the power button to reset the handheld before contacting customer support if the problem persists.


The warning joins the 360's red ring of death and the PS3's yellow light of death on the list of things gamers like to see the least, although there's no suggestion yet that the black screen means your 3DS is headed for an early grave.

According to NeoGAF nattering, the error has been occurring across a number of games. Players first associated it with Super Monkey Ball 3D, before others reported getting black screens during Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Ghost Recon.

The 3DS got its first EU system update on Friday, but it was an aesthetic addition providing a video showing off 3D nature scenes, skydivers and fireworks.