The Sims 3 review - 20% in ONM

Official Nintendo Magazine slam Sims 3DS port

The Sims 3 is the worst Nintendo 3DS launch game. That's according to Official Nintendo Magazine, which slammed the 3D port in its Sims 3 review, giving it just 20%.


According to ONM, it's even worse than the DS version released last year. It has less content than the iPhone edition and looks horrible too, but the main problem seems to be the lack of mood bars which, in previous games, have told you what your Sim needs.

This excerpt from the review sums it up: "Since this is all a game about time management this just ruins the experience and many a time we've had our ravenous Sim frantically cooking dinner only for them to wet themselves then fall asleep on the floor next to a puddle of their own urine through no fault of our own."

The Sims 3 is one of two 3DS games to be awarded a sub-50% review score by ONM - Splinter Cell 3D also received 49%.

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