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Saints Row 3 screenshots gush all over the web

Sex Toy Bat features prominently

The first Saints Row 3 screenshots came at the beginning of the month and showed a masked gunman and a few weapon renders.

Now a whole host of new Saints Row 3 screenshots have been released on to the web by Game Informer showing everything from alleyway shootouts to combat with the 'Sex Toy Bat' - basically a big wobbling member that you can hit your foes with. We've provided the picture (sorry).


Volition's third in the series is titled exactly that; Saints Row: The Third and we got the first details earlier this month.

Of the features included in The Third, competitive multiplayer was axed by Volition in favour of co-op in response to what the studio felt the fans wanted.

We've stuck a few of the shots in here for you and you can find the rest over at Game Informer.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]