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Valve: 'GLadOS has become more human this time'

New interview reveals Portal 2's nemesis mellowing?

Portal 2 is under a month away now and with our excitement building, we were delighted to come across a bonus round interview with Valve writers Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek.

Conducted by our ex-OXM chum Dan Griliopoulos, the interview on reveals many fascinating insights about the production process on Portal 2, including the evolution of main antagonist GLadOS - surely the most sinister robotic antagonist since 2001's HAL.

So has GLadOS changed radically from Portal to Portal 2? Well Chet Faliszek reveals that she at least appears to be becoming more human.


Faliszek said: "Well you did kill her at the end of Portal. GLadOS goes from this impersonal institutional voice in Portal 1, to at the end, she's become much more human and she's negotiating with you, but also hostile at points, and much more human-sounding. We didn't want to just do the same arc again, as we figured no-one was gonna buy that."

Intriguing and of course every great adversary needs to evolve to keep up the interest and, even though GLadOS will appear more human in Portal 2, it's reassuring to know it's often just a blind for her true murderous intent.

Like the sound of GLadOS's new direction? Let us know what you think in the comments field below and if you too can't wait for a bit more Portal 2 action, head on over to the Games Radar Launch Centre where our Portal 2 loving GR chums have rounded up a whole bunch of excellent goodies for you.