L.A Noire bestowed with movie festival honour

Game becomes Official Selection at Tribeca

Rockstar and Team Bondi's L.A Noire has become the first video game to be picked as an Official Selection at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival.

The title will take pride of place at the event, which takes place in Lower Manhattan, New York from April 20 to May 1.

"We're thrilled that L.A. Noire is being recognized by the Tribeca Film Festival in this way," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar

"It's a real honour, and another step forward for interactive entertainment."

Rockstar will also present an exclusive preview of the game as part of the Tribeca Talks series, taking place on April 25, 2011.


The presentation will feature a live interactive screening of a case from L.A. Noire, followed by a Q&A exploring the crossover between filmmaking and interactive entertainment.

The Q&A will focus on the making of L.A. Noire, the technology behind it, and will be moderated by Geoff Gilmore, Tribeca Enterprises' Chief Creative Officer.

"What Rockstar and Team Bondi have accomplished with L.A. Noire is nothing less than groundbreaking," added Gilmore. "It's an invention of a new realm of storytelling that is part cinema, part gaming, and a whole new realm of narrative expression, interactivity, and immersion. We are poised on the edge of a new frontier."

L.A Noire is due for release in May on Xbox 360 and PS3.