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Xbox Live invites you to 'dress the Royal Bride and Groom'

Pick your favourite dress... and that's about it

CVG readers will almost definitely be counting down the days until next month's new bank holiday weeken... erm, Royal wedding, and Xbox Live's piped up to celebrate by letting 360 users... dress the Bride and Groom?!

Yes that's right - from today both free and Gold Live subscribers can take part in a poll entitled 'Dress the Royal Bride and Groom' in which you'll be able to vote on a selection of wedding outfits. And that's about it. They're not even going to eliminate trousers X Factor-style.

"You may remember the 2010 Election Poll on Xbox LIVE last year which ran shortly before the actual election and saw massive engagement from consumers, receiving over 400,000 submissions in the week it was active," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

"We anticipate that this humorous tribute to the Royal soon-to-be-newlyweds will help celebrate this landmark occasion."

Get your votes in. We like the Leprechaun getup.