Shift 2 Unleashed: 10 mins video, 58 screens

Latest Need for Speed storms to shops this week

EA and Slightly Mad Studios' Shift 2: Unleashed hits shelves in Europe later this week, and North America today.

We got our hands on the racer to have a few quick races this morning, and we've captured 10 minutes of it for your viewing pleasure.

In the interest of full disclosure - and to avoid ridicule - we're going to point out that we played with pretty much every assist available on and still managed to perform pretty badly. Sorry about that.

This video is no longer available

Fortunately, it all looks very nice and you can get a good feel for the driving experience as well as what's changed since the first game.

We found it to be a much more of an aggressive, exciting experience, but for the full verdict have a read of the Shift 2: Unleashed review we published today.

For those who would rather not sit through our admittedly embarrassing racing effort, we've snapped a few shots of the best bits which you can check out below.