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Nintendo talks 3DS Lite

Implies there won't be any 3DS hardware revisions this year

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has suggested that a 3DS hardware revision is unlikely to be released before next year.


"It's interesting," he told MTV Multiplayer. "We haven't even sold the first one and consumers are asking about what's next. I answer it this way. The 3DS is our key handheld device. It is going to be our key business driver for the balance of this year, through the holidays."

Fils-Aime continued: "What I would also say, if the consumer has a concern, buy it here at Best Buy because they've got a great program where you can essentially buy some insurance to make sure your product isn't obsolete.

"Not that the Nintendo 3DS will ever be obsolete," he quickly added. "But certainly it's not something that consumers need to be concerned about."

As the article points out, the original DS launched in Japan in December 2004, and was followed by the launch of DS Lite in March 2006.

Fils-Aime also told CNN this week that Wii 2 is unlikely to support 3D.

[ SOURCE: MTV Multiplayer ]