Fez co-creator dismisses 'dismal' WiiWare

Nintendo download service "not worth our time and effort"

The co-creator of promising XBLA platformer Fez has criticised Nintendo download service WiiWare. Well, he's done more than criticise it, actually: He's used the words "f**k off".

Speaking with Destructoid, Mr. Phil Fish (real name) suggested that his perspective-bending platform game has been heavily influenced by classic Nintendo titles.

When asked if there was any chance of it actually appearing on a Nintendo console however, he sounded less than positive:


"Right now we're only concentrating on XBLA, which makes the most sense for us at the time. PC and PSN would also make a lot of sense, but in my opinion, WiiWare just wouldn't be worth our time and effort. It's a dismal system that I don't want to deal with neither as a customer, nor a developer. No demos? Fuck off."

Ouch. It should be noted that Mr. Fish is fully aware that Nintendo has started utilizing time-sensitive demos for some games, but it's not an audience-wide solution.

While the Fez developer doesn't sound super-keen on bringing games to Nintendo's home console, Fish did drop hints that 3DS could be an interest.

"As for the 3DS, well, that would just have to be a completely different game," he said. "If I'm going to make a game that uses stereoscopic graphics, it's gonna be built from the ground up for that. Oh wait! I already did that. wink-wink nudge-nudge."

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]