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MS investigating XBL Indie Games ratings manipulation

Firm looking into complaints about users spamming the service with false ratings

Microsoft is investigating claims of manipulation of the user ratings system for Xbox Live Indie Games.

According to Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games (via Gamasutra), a group of users have been spamming the service with false ratings in a bid to help out the recently released College Lacrosse: The Video Game.


He tied a surge of low ratings for many popular XBLIG titles to a March 24 post on the Facebook page for College Lacrosse, which asked fans to give the title a 5-star rating. A subsequent update to the post reads: "Please remember to not rate other games low to help CL11."

While nobody appears to have broken any rules, the whole affair raises questions about whether XBLIG rating restrictions should be introduced. Currently, anyone with a free account can provide a rating, meaning they don't even have to have download or sample the title in question.

Microsoft said via the official XNACommunity Twitter account: "We are investigating a possible misuse of ratings on XBLIG titles. We'll announce more information here as it develops."

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]