Nintendo: Built-in software is 3DS 'killer app'

Mario Kart aiming for 2011 release, Zelda announcement 'hopefully soon'

Nintendo UK marketing manager James Honeywell has called the 3DS's inbuilt software the system's "killer app".

Speaking to CVG last week ahead of the UK 3DS launch, he said: "I actually think that the killer app is the software that is built into the console.


"With the AR games, the Mii maker, the quests and the ability to swap Miis, those are the killer apps and people should take the time to have a go on those. I'm sure they'll be surprised at the level of depth and ingenuity that is already there."

From its StreetPass functionality to software like Face Raiders, the 3DS is stuffed full of fun distractions - and the Easter Eggs we've uncovered prove they aren't just shallow additions either.

But that doesn't stop us wanting to know when big hitters like Mario Kart 3DS and Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will finally be released. In the former's case, Nintendo is hoping for a 2011 launch, says Honeywell.

"That's certainly what we're kind of planning on at the moment," he said, "but you know, things can always change, and until we actually make a firm announcement about the release dates, obviously it's good to wait and see what those dates might be."

On the subject of a UK launch date for Zelda 3DS, he added: "I know from personal experience of being on the sampling tours that the game everyone ran to was Zelda, to get their first experience of it in 3D, so we know it's hotly anticipated, and hopefully we'll be making an announcement fairly soon so people will be able to find out when they'll be able to go and get it."

Honeywell also told CVG 3DS looked set to break the company's UK hardware launch record.

Nintendo is expected to release UK launch sales data later this week.