New Max Payne 3 screens - Reveal incoming?

Rockstar releases first images in years

Rockstar's released the first Max Payne 3 screenshots since 2009, suggesting a reveal for the under-the-radar sequel is imminent.


We've not seen anything of the new instalment - which features an off-the-rails protagonist in a lush, green setting - since its announcement almost two years ago, sparking speculation it'd been taken back to the drawing board.

Rockstar experienced somewhat of a backlash from fans after initially showing the game, when a fatter and balder Payne and a switch in series developers seemingly failed to impress.

In its December financial results, parent company Take-Two failed to mention Max Payne 3 in its 2011-2012 release list, telling investors: "We're still working hard on Max, and we'll have more news in the coming months."

Finger's crossed we get some more solid info soon.