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Motorstorm Apocalypse released in Europe today

Evolution's explosive racer finally arrives

Sony and Evolution Studio's latest extreme racer, Motorstorm Apocalypse finally hits shelves in Europe today.

Earlier this month we sent a couple of racing extrodenair CVG readers to slog it out with gamers from all over the country in a Motorstorm Apocalypse competition.

In true Apocalyptic style, the racing was done in cages, there was debris littering the floor, and there were even some dog-handlers (with dogs) for some reason.


It was all Evolution and Sony's way of bringing the extreme and we want to thank Dan Knight, Jonathan Chamberlain, Andrew Garewal and Ewan Wallace (pictured left) for entering into the fray on our behalf.

The fifth bloke by the way, the one doing the double-finger point towards himself, is GamesRadar's Matt Cundy. Don't give him any attention - it's what he wants.

Have a look at these videos from the chaps over at GamesRadar documenting the competition and the extreme crazy that Motorstorm Apocalypse is serving up:

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