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Portal 2's Chell revealed

Hotness abounds as PSM3 unveil the all too human star of Portal 2

Well it's almost April (the cruellest of all months for TS Eliot fans) and that means that Portal 2 is just 19 short days away from exploding across your PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Now while the game's got a great cast including Stephen Merchant as Wheatley, JK Simmons as Cave Johnson and Ellen McLaine as GLaDOS, perhaps you've been wondering who'll fill the orange boiler suit of Portal's original mute female protagonist Chell?

Well wonder no more as our colleagues over at PSM3 have a superb interview with Chell's real-life inspiration, actress and producer Alesia Glidewell.


Glidewell, who also provided the voice for Alma in FEAR 2 and worked on Starfox, reveals Chell's new image is very appealing to her saying "I like it! From the one image I've seen so far she's pretty cute and shows a little more skin. For some reason I did have an affinity for the orange jumpsuit, though. *Sigh* "

Well worth heading on over to PSM3 to check out the whole thing in our humble opinion and if you want even more Portal 2 goodness, don't forget our colleagues over at Games Radar have a special Portal 2 Launch Centre - devoted to further goodies including delights such as a Portal 2 musical screenshot gallery - awesome.