Saints Row: The Third - exclusive PS3 first-look in the new issue of PSM3

Plus free fold out companion cube, Prey 2 exclusive reveal, 10 winning Killzone 3 tips... more

Love it or loathe it, you can't *ignore* THQ's riotous, tongue-in-cheek open-world action game Saints Row: The Third. It's making its PS3 debut in the latest issue of PSM3 magazine, on-sale in all good UK newsagents now.

Still think Saints Row is a shameless, technically glitchy GTA-clone? OK, there's no shortage of explosions or scantily clad babes, but the third game is technically adept, smartly designed, tongue in cheek and - in stark relief to GTAIV - unadultered *fun*. Unconvinced? Listen how the opening level begins...

... so, you're in a plane above Steelport City, trying to broker a deal with a gang boss when the conversation turns sour and, well, next thing you know, you're falling in real time at 100 mph, desperately trying to save your lady partner, Shaundi (as featured on the PSM3 cover). Ducking and weaving between falling crates and SUVs from the plane's cargo bay, you flip face up to shoot pursuing enemies in mid-air. Not exciting enough? When you catch Shaundi, the plane *tries to ram you*, and the only solution is to crash through the cockpit window...

We'll leave the rest to our 10-page exclusive first-look feature, but rest assured it makes the A-Team movie look like a documentary - and is a much better *game* than the uninitiated would ever give it credit.

Also in the new isue of PSM3...

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2) Free dual-DVD, fold-out companion cube, Skyrim poster and MOAOM sweet

That's four great gifts. Don't just read about the hottest new PS3 games, see them in HD on our flippable DVD.

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So if you've got a PS3 and are wondering where all the good games have gone, we'd strongly advise taking a look at the latest issue of PSM3 - it's all killer, no filler; just the best of PS3.

Pick up the new issue of PSM3 on-sale now at all good UK newsagents with an exclusive look at Saints Row: The Third, plus all the latest PS3 news, reviews and gossip.

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