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'Fantastic new experiences' coming to Wii - Nintendo

"Britain's favourite home console... will continue as a strong viable format"

Nintendo might not have been showing Wii the same love as the DS platform recently, but UK marketing manager James Honeywell has told CVG there's plenty for owners of the home console to look forward to.

Speaking in a 3DS-focused interview published on the site today, he addressed a slowdown in Wii sales over the past couple of years, and said the company plans to deliver "some fantastic new experiences" for the UK's leading home system.


Asked whether Wii still has plenty of life left in it, Honeywell said: "We've been really pleased with Wii and how it has performed. It's the market leader in the UK by some margin. I think it has been proven really that it is Britain's favourite home console with a huge install base.

"But obviously as you reach a certain level things perhaps might slow down, but again we've got a really strong line-up, we're really proud with what we've achieved in getting it into so many homes, and we've have a strong campaign for promotion this year and think it will continue as a strong viable format."

Honeywell also suggested Wii will play a central role in Nintendo's E3 plans.

"I guess we haven't made any announcements recently because we've been concentrating on the 3DS launch, but there are still lots of games to come. I'm sure you'll see at this year's E3. For anybody who has a Wii, they can rest assured that we'll be bringing some fantastic new experiences to them."