Metacritic drops individual developer ratings for good

Controversial ranking system no longer set to be reintroduced

Review aggregator Metacritic has decided not to reintroduce its individual game developer rating service.

The short-lived experiment was suspended earlier this week just days after it came to public attention.


It was pulled after a number of developers said their Metacritic profiles represented only a partial list of the games they'd worked on, while others called into question the validity, accuracy and relevance of the system.

Metacritic initially said it would restore the "work in progress" system following some updates, but that's no longer the plan, site founder Marc Doyle has told

"We have no plans to bring it back," he said. "We discussed it as a team and it made sense to just drop that overall number whilst still trying to build this database which will be difficult, but we're going to give it a shot. It's needless to put that number on it though.

"If they've worked on 30 games and we can only show four and then we take on this score, which is really just an average of those games in our database for them, then that's not fair."

Despite the decision to drop individual scores, Doyle said Metacritic's intention had simply been to build on what the site was designed to do - inform users of the best products available and who created them.

"That's ultimately the goal of Metacritic: What should I watch, what should I play? Not necessarily to fuel some larger discussion over what person is more worthy than some other person."