CVG: Comments of the week

It's not all frowns and news, you know?

It's that time of the week again (the end of it) which means we have to plough over your comments and fish out the funny.

What are we using as bait today? We've gone traditional with a big chunk of Sense o' Humour, really potent it is, the jokes just jump up in front of you.

But we need to thank you, our humble readers, for populating our comedy pool in the first place. There's such a diverse range of breeds in there that we really can't decide which we want to bash with a hammer and rip the head off first.

Why don't you help us choose?

Futuristic wrist-worn charger fixes 3DS battery woes

Why not a full suit?

Because that would provide enough energy to power the sun humanhand.

Let me help with Syndicate remake, says Molyneux

Yay! Syndicate Redux - now with added dog!

You can never get enough dog Moribundman.


We like the thought that Paul_Boland2 has just run in and shouted this because he heard Molyneux was about and quickly realised everyone else has already left.

Would you buy Charlie Sheen: The Video Game?

Hell no! I'd be like "Dude, can't handle it!"

Besides, whatever you do, you'd be WINNING, offering no real challenge!

You're right CaptainCortez, we're totally off the idea now.

That would really depend on what the Collectors or Limited Edition included, and no! I dont mean some fancy art book

StonecoldMC, do you mean...

As long as two free hookers and a bag of coke are thrown in, im in. Winning.

Oh, good of you to interrupt Stewy.

Charlie sheen Limted edtion £69.99 bag of charlie/voucher for a back ally rash.

Too real TOKEN.

how can the word 'winning' be a slogan/trademark? its a real word? its probably already in a lot of games already.

i might go and trademark some popular words like - 'the', 'sex', 'and', 'a', 'i', 'fps', 'squiggy love tube'
and then i can sit back and let the royalties roll in, whos laughing now charlie sheen!!

Does this mean we can't go ahead with plans for 'Squiggy Love Tube' to be the new CVG strap chamony?

It's Fox News vs Duke Nukem: Media outlet attacks Gearbox over 'Capture The Babe'

They shouldn't complain. Without Duke, there'd be no women.

AegisK... We....Well...But....Nevermind.

I'm not so fond of Duke, but when it comes to him or Fox I'm behind him all the way.

In a non-homosexual manner.

heh heh, 'behind him'. Sorry, Balladeer.

fox news are idoits. the only way you will watch them is if you like listening to propergander

jtthegame is cockney to the core, case in point: proper gander.

How could anybody trust the same company that dropped Futurama? These people shouldn't be reporting news! Thats for sensible big boy networks

We're in agreement with McCloudUK, how dare they drop Futurama.

iPad 2 sells out in the UK

Well I got mine and I only queued for half an hour, then went for curry; had a Dansak *nom!*

Friday was a pretty good day!

A day in the life of snips10 there.

CVG: Comments of the week

When will a comment from comments of the week make comments of the week?


I think your comment about getting coments about comments of the week into the next comments of the week may possibly get into the next comments of the week. How weird is that?


Go on then you two. Here, have some recognition. Don't spend it all at once.