Keiji Inafune returns with two new companies

Former Capcom man focusing on the wider entertainment industry as well as games

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has formed two new companies, Intercept and Comcept.

He described Intercept as a game production company and his "new challenge for consumer game development".


According to Andriasang, he also mentioned three key concepts associated with the new Tokyo-based firm - originality (cannot be copied by others), gravity (has the power to pull people in) and beyond the age (things that cross eras).

Meanwhile, Comcept has a broader focus on entertainment creation, including games, books, music and video planning, production and sales, as well as rights management, event planning and consulting services.

Inafune's due to outline his vision for the two firms in a press conference on April 4.

Formerly Capcom's head of global production, Inafune left the publisher in October 2010.

The following month, he took a swipe at his ex-employer, claiming the "Inafune brand was the worst handled" within the company.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]