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'When is a Kinect game made for 360 gamers going to be announced?'

Mailbox: Is it now or never?

On last week's mailbox after being challenged by his non-Nintendo gaming buddies asked Alex Miller NGamer if a person can be too old for Nintendo, or gaming in general.

This week Dan Marsh contacted Xbox World 360 when Microsoft planned to release a real game made specifically for the core Xbox 360 crowd as well as provide his thoughts on the Kinect hardware and launch line-up.


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Okay, a joke's a joke, when is a Kinect game with the slightest feel of being made for 360 gamers going to be announced? It's a tasty bit of kit for sure, but who the hell are they kidding with their dancing tripe, animal fondling and all that crap?

I don't want to move my furniture for what seems to be some kind of massive Nintendo DS, so where's the action? Where are the zombie games, the war titles, the FIFA tie-in? Or is none of that ever going to be possible, and I've now landed myself with an Xbox add-on which basically offers far more than it can ever deliver?

XBW says: That's the big question, isn't it? Kinect had a storming start, but now people want a flavour of what's to come - and not the 'follow up to Kinect Sports' kind of flavour either.

Who knows what Gears of War on Kinect could deliver? The tech could definitely work with an FPS somehow, but it would require some stripping back - think of all the buttons you need to succeed in a COD or a Gears.

We expect to hear plenty more about this at this year's E3 - but before then Ubisoft will be putting out Child of Eden, which is the first 'proper' Kinect title, i.e the first hardcore Kinect title.

CVG says: We're going to parrot XBW's response with this one and point out Q Entertainment and Ubisoft's Child of Eden, which is offering something unique that goes beyond dancing or waving limbs in sports activities.

However, would you put Child of Eden in that category? It sounds like you're looking for very specific, typically 'hardcore' gameplay experiences - which we haven't seen any game replicate yet. In a way E3 2011 will be make-or-break for Microsoft and its Kinect.

Oh and check out Twisted Pixel Games' The Gunstringer'.