Cave Story 3DS coming to Europe

One of the best WiiWare games hitting new portable this summer

Cave Story was announced for 3DS in February, and publisher NIS America has just confirmed the title will get a European release this summer.


Cave Story 3DS is a remake of the original WiiWare 2D scrolling action game boasting improved visuals and character designs, which Cave Story developer Daisuke Amaya hopes will be enough to justify a retail price point.

"We've gone to a level of detail that probably is unheard of compared to what we did for the original WiiWare version," he said a couple of months ago.

"And now you'll see characters are fully 3D... The weapons are in full 3D, all the items, everything you see in the world has this level of depth that you'll be able to really utilise with the 3DS's stereoscopics."

[ SOURCE: thesixthaxis ]