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Behind the scenes with the Saints Row dev

Over an hour of insightful footage with Volition

With the recent revealing of its latest GTA competitor, Saint's Row: The Third, and news of layoffs, developer Volition has been under the spotlight a fair bit of late.

Game Informer has released a most fascinating behind the scenes documentary on the studio, with over an hour of footage that weighs in on the company's long history in video games, starting when it was just a skeleton team of a few men working on Doom competitor, Decent.


It offers a real insight into game development the way it used to be, before companies were 100 people large and budgets were in the tens of millions. And before monitors were flat.

Saint's Row: The Third was officially revealed in early March, followed by the first screenshots and this not-so-revealing trailer. It's penciled in for a 'holiday 2011' release.

Check out the documentary through the source link.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]