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'Burnout Crash' revealed by Aussie ratings, dev CV

New racer listed for PS3, 360 in EA dev's Linkedin profile

Burnout Crash could be title of the next Burnout game to come from Criterion, if a new listing on the Australian Ratings Board's website is anything to go by.

The unannounced game has also turned up on the Linkedin profile of an EA software engineer. While the Aussie ratings post, dated April 1, calls it a 'multi platform' game, the online CV is more specific listing it for PS3 and 360.


Burnout developer Criterion has said nothing of Burnout since it put the series on hold while it went to work on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, other than to request that fans stop asking for more Burnout Paradise DLC.

Burnout Paradise released in 2008 on PS3 and 360, sending the usually circuit-based racing series in a new open-world direction.

[ SOURCE: Via Gamerbytes ]