Resident Evil: Mercenaries trailer shouts 'buy me!'

Plus new details sneak in from Nintendo Power

Capcom's going trailer crazy with its admittedly gorgeous-looking Resident Evil: Mercenaries, headed for 3DS in June in Japan, and (hopefully) shortly later in the west.

The new trailer below is short but gives you a quick look at the game's starring characters, the two-player co-op mode, the guns and the zombie hordes, as well as teasing how stunning it looks on the 3D handheld.


The latest issue of Nintendo Power has also slipped out a few new details on the game. Capcom producer Masachika Kawata, the game will feature plenty of recognisable music from Resi games of past, as well as new tracks you'll not have heard.

He also revealed that DLC isn't ruled out, although Capcom would need to consult Nintendo on the specifics of releasing download content. A skill system will be present, with players progressing through different grades as they shoot their way through the zombie hordes, and earning medals while they're at it.

He insists the game is "huge", but goes on to hint that there are more revelations to come pertaining to a feature that will enhance replayabililty.

Capcom previously confirmed that Mercenaries will come with a demo for Resident Evil: Revelations - the less arcadey, more conventional horror game of the two.

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[ SOURCE: GoNintendo ]