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Resident Evil: Revelations out 2012, new concept art

Capcom denies Revelations a 2011 release, but release art in consolation

Resident Evil: Mercenaries looks great, but if you're holding out for the more traditional horror entry for 3DS, RE: Revelations, you'll be waiting until next year.

Capcom has pinned the game of a vague but certainly not soon "2012" release date on its official Facebook page, much to the disappointment of some fan comments below it.


If it's any consolation though, it also released some new concept art for the game (pictured), giving you a look at a run-down coastal town, a plane crash site, some super spooky interior scenes and more.

If that's not enough, Capcom showed a decent chunk of gameplay in this recorded demonstration recently.

[ SOURCE: Facebook ]