West and Zampella going after Modern Warfare ownership - lawyer

Ex-Infinity Ward bosses could make new games based on the IP if successful in court

Former Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella could become co-owners of the Modern Warfare IP if they defeat ex-employer Activision in their upcoming court battle.

Speaking to GameSpot, a lawyer representing the Call of Duty creators said that, in addition to actual and punitive damages, the duo are seeking to wrestle partial control of the franchise from Activision.

If they're successful, they'll have the right to create and release new games in the Modern Warfare series, the legal representative told the site.


Activision's dispute with West and Zampella stretches back to March 2010, when the duo sued their ex-employee for alleged unfair dismissal. The pair claimed their contracts were terminated weeks before substantial Modern Warfare 2 royalty payments were due to be made.

Activision counter-sued the developers, arguing that they had been secretly negotiating a deal with EA. West and Zampella subsequently formed new studio Respawn Entertainment and agreed a publishing deal with EA, which was later added to Activision's countersuit.

38 current and former Infinity Ward employees also sued Activision last year over alleged unpaid bonuses and royalties for Modern Warfare 2, and their complaint has been consolidated with West's, Zampella's and EA's case against Activision.

[ SOURCE: GameSpot ]