Street Fighter IV 3DS: "No one has taken the genre to where I want"

Yoshinori Ono discusses 3DS, Mortal Kombat and more

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On the previous versions of Street Fighter there was a replay channel where you could watch people's games without going through the PC, connect to people's data through the console and the same thing is happening through the 3DS and 3D Edition.

Just by passing people you're communicating with them and you can even send messages to others. I think the framework of social networking and fighting games, or the amalgamation of fighting games, have already started so when I say something will happen I'm just just going to add a little bit more on top of the framework we have now and once that is done I think we will get there.

If you could work on any other game in the world what game would it be?

I think the first thing I'd do is infiltrate Nintendo, I've been wanting to do this for a decade. I want to see how they work, especially on their idea of compromise and cut-off points. Most developers are always having to compromise with set timers but Nintendo never seem to do that. I want to see how they're allowed to do that and how they're allowed to put more and more in until they're fully satisfied. I really want the know-how.


The other one is more personal, I'm a big fan of first-person shooters and I've been playing them since the old days of Rainbow Six on the PC. I'd like to join either Activision or Ubisoft and make my own mega-realistic, aiming oriented FPS. Auto-aiming would be banned for life.

(Laughs) But I'd bring all those back to Capcom. Personally speaking there's no where else that I fit more perfectly than at Capcom. I'd come back to Capcom but I don't mind going off to these places for a while.

At Activision would you put your touch on Call of Duty or create a new IP?

It has to be a new IP.

What if Valve asked you to come and work on Half-Life 3 or even Counter-Strike 2?

Oh wow, COUNTER STRIKE 2! No one knows where Counter-Strike is at the moment.

It's surprising that you're so into FPS games since they're not nearly as popular as genres like RPGs are in Japan.

I shouldn't say this as a Japanese developer but I haven't played Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy in a while. We're really looking forward to Battlefield 3 right now, I understand the need for adapting to the market but I find that FPS these days have become lightweight, I really want to pursue a game where if you're shot in the shoulder you can't use that shoulder.

Kind of like Operation Flashpoint?

Yes, just like that.

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