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Imminent Mass Effect 3 reveal backed up

OXM teases gameplay details for next issue

An imminent gameplay reveal for Mass Effect 3 has been backed up by another games mag.

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine - which is with subscribers now - promises a full reveal for the BioWare sequel in its next issue, on sale May 9.


Earlier than that, respected UK unofficial title PSM3 has said it's to boast a "world-first look at Mass Effect 3 on PS3" in its next release, which goes on sale on April 28.

Meanwhile US retailer mag Game Informer's promising a reveal of a "highly anticipated" sequel to one of 2010's best games, with its issue likely to arrive this month. That's Mass Effect 3, then.

It'll be a busy month for game fans by the looks of it, especially if as reported Modern Warfare 3 shows its cards in mid-April too.

We'll keep our eyes on the newsstands. Stay tuned.