FIFA 12 headed to NGP, 3DS?

EA employee lists next football sim on portables

FIFA 12 is planned for release on the Sony NGP, if the Linkedin profile of an EA employee is anything to go by.

EA software engineer José Galera Pérez posted under the experience section of his Linkedin profile that he is currently working on "FIFA12 (X360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PSP2, PC, Wii, NDS, N3DS), European and Asian SKU."


It's a potential reveal that doesn't require the biggest stretch of imagination, but its nice to see EA Sports' much applauded footy-sim come a little bit closer to confirmation for the next-gen portables.

Way back in January EA listed AI and set-pieces as just two of the areas it's looking to improve on in FIFA 12.

Player stories and match-day atmosphere were added to that list the following month.

[ SOURCE: Just Push Start ]