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Brink: Dissected

Scrutinising the latest from Splash Damages' flamboyant shooter...

The reason we're getting increasingly excited about Splash Damage's free-running shoot 'em silly Brink is because it's essentially an amalgamation of some of our favourite games.

Wrapped around a healthy dollop of first-person shooting are strips of larger than life artwork reminiscent of a 3D Team Fortress 2 and a pleasingly similar class system, with character specific mechanics to boot.

That's all nestled on a bed of Mirror's Edge style Parkour, only Brink gives players the freedom to dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge all with the push of one intuitive button.


This is the Soldier. Oh sure, he likes a head-shot as much as the next trigger-happy troop, but as we can see in the trailer he also has some saboteur capabilities as well. Here his is placing a big-double handled bomb as one of his objectives.

And that's the key to Brink, with its drop in, drop out, co-operative based combat, it almost feels like multiplayer with rolling objectives. So, with all your mates chipping in to help out in your game, and you - probably - lending a hand in theirs, Brink isn't about racking up kill-streaks, it's not even just about killing your way from A in order to get to B. It's about taking responsibility for your bit of the mission.


So while a Soldier is busy blowing something to smithereens, the Engineer might have been given the objective to repair something else in preparation for the next stage of the offensive.

In the above screenshot, however, the Engineer has put his blow-torch to use on an "MG nest", the MG, we assume, standing for Mini-Gun since that's the end product of his welding. We're betting you'll be able to find stacks of pieces for all kinds of big artillery - turrets and the like - that you can utilise with the Mechanic.


On the life giving side of the coin there's the Medic who has a little bit of fire-power up his sleeve (it'd be rude not to) but mainly spends his days jabbing team-mates in the back with hypodermic needles , giving them a health boost, or throwing one to a downed player so that they can revive themselves.


As in Team Fortress 2, though, by far the coolest class looks like it's going to be the Spy or, in the world of Brink, the Operative. The trailer shows us two of the Operative's abilities. Here he's been given the job of hacking some sort of terminal.


By far the slinky sleuth's coolest skill, however, will surely be his ability to disguise himself as the opposition allowing him to walk amongst the enemy and get the jump on some unsuspecting foe.


Aside from the class-system and the way it revolves around the in-game objective system, Brink also prides itself on the level of customisation it affords players.

The picture above shows the weapon customisation facility where everything from range to damage to reload speed can be tinkered with on a gun by adding and taking away different pieces to key areas of the weapon. It looks to us like the gun above has had a classic Tommy-gun barrel strapped to the bottom.


Then there's the customisable wardrobe as well, which seems to have a wide-range of threads and tattoos for all over the body with each item being, for some reason, called something like "The Nose" or "The Straps". Quirky.