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CVG's Site Of The Week: DailyJoypad

Our favourite gaming sites...

Last week we cast our beady eye over NXT Gamer as the site stepped into CVG's Site of the Week spotlight.

Now we're moving on to another multiplatform gaming gem in DailyJoypad.


Covering the whole range of news, reviews, previews and features, DailyJoypad offers a bulging suitcase of gaming editorial, placing pride in particular upon its unique feature content.

We could go on, but why listen to us run our mouths when you could be hearing from DailyJoypad's editor Stephen Butler. We sat down with him to find out more about the site.

What sets DailyJoypad apart from other sites?

We like to think that we bring content that is accessible to all types of gamer. We don't just assume that everyone who visits the site is a hardcore clued up reader. We aim to appeal to the gamer that is passionate about the industry, not just the hardcore Call of Duty nut.

Based on that, we like to focus on news that is fact rather than adding fuel to the rumour and speculation fires that burn across the Internet. We may not publish 100 articles a day, but what we do post I think adds value to both the reader and the game we are covering; more a case of quality over quantity.

We also run some great original features which range from simple guides for games and hardware, to more in-depth articles across all types of gaming media.

What would you say you specialise in?

Our biggest speciality I would say is our open mind to games and how we like to treat every title with the respect it deserves. We have a great team at DailyJoypad, each having a unique perspective on games and gaming.

This helps us to bring a wide range of content covering everything from top titles right down to the more unique cult games.

Our previews and original features have always been very popular, so we take a lot of pride in those. Our "Missing in Action" feature, which takes a look at titles from the last few years that may have missed for one reason or another, has become very popular.

Another fun feature we run is "What if it Had Achievements?" where we take a title from before the days of being obsessed with gamerscore and add a full list of Achievements. It takes a while to put together but then it's a lot of fun to see how many Achievements you might have unlocked back in the day.

What do you have planned for the future?

We have just put together a fun new interview format that should begin running very soon. We are also looking to bring more video content to the site, including some really interesting video features. We have some great new features lined up for the coming weeks and months, including some great previews. Can't say too much about them at the moment, but keep an eye out on the site for more.