The Sun steps up 3DS offensive with 'refund row' story

Newspaper claims that "thousands" have been hit by headaches, Nintendo disagrees

The front page of today's The Sun newspaper carries a story claiming that a "refund row" has hit Nintendo - as consumers suffering 3DS-related headaches attempt to return their consoles to retail.

The story links to an inside report carrying the headline (all caps): '3DS SOS'.

Citing just one named source - Sundeep Tailor, 27 - the newspaper reports that: "Furious gamers made ill by Nintendo's new 3DS console have been REFUSED full refunds." It suggests that UK games retail has witnessed "record return levels" following the console launch. [Update: Nintendo has dismissed this claim as "incorrect".]


Talior attempted to return his 3DS to GAME in Luton, Bedfordshire after suffering dizziness. Staff first refused him a refund, then offered him £176.99 - £30 cheaper than he paid for the new console.

A Nintendo spokesperson is quoted as saying returns are "in single figures per retailer", but that doesn't stop The Sun from claiming that "thousands" have suffered headaches and dizziness.

The story is the latest in what seems to be something of a mini-campaign from The Sun. The newspaper ran a similar piece last week, in which it claimed that "hundreds" of gamers had been affected. Nintendo responded by stating that it had received "zero calls" relating to 3DS-related headaches.

[Update: Nintendo told CVG this morning: ""Recent reports are incorrect. The number of calls and emails with queries on Nintendo 3DS is in fact well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches and having spoken with our retail partners there are only a handful of people who have actually gone into stores to request a refund. Nintendo 3DS was designed with a 3D depth slider that lets users adjust the 3D effect so that everyone can still enjoy this product.

"When viewing any kind of 3D images, including movies and on TV, some people might experience minor discomfort. The effects are short term and have no lasting effect; most people can continue after taking a break. Customers with any concerns should contact their local Nintendo Customer Support via or on 0870 6060247."]